Key facts

  • Mix of North Africa, Spain, Portugal and France
  • Medina
  • Gran Socco

The charm of Morocco

Tangier is a fascinating Moroccan city to visit thanks to the mix of exotic mystery, history, heartbreaking views, beautiful beaches and friendly people.

Located in the northern Morocco, Tangier is separated from Spain only by the 20 miles of the Gibraltar’s Strait and on a clear day you can see the southern coast of the Iberian country.

What makes Tangier a very interesting city is the perfect mix of North Africa, Spain, Portugal and France.

The city dates back as far as 500 BC. Places of most interest are the harbour and the Kasbah. Tangier can be reached by boat from Algeciras.

Frequent ferries make the short crossing from Europe each day, and many cruise ships sailing between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic often include Tangier as a port of call.

As with most Moroccan cities, the cheapest places to eat are in the Medina. The cafes around the Gran Socco are worth a look too, with most places staying open until midnight or later. Alcohol is not served in the Medina or Gran Socco.

You will find a huge selection of restaurants on the Ave Mohamed VI (the beachfront) where you can enjoy a nice meal with a glass of wine on the beachfront and, in the evening, visit the plaza. Around the medina you will find numerous Moroccan restaurants offering good quality dishes for a cheap price. There are also some fresh off-the-boat seafood restaurants for locals in the port behind the warehouses.

Street food is a great option for snacking while you are visiting during the day. Fresh orange juice, sandwiches of egg, peppers, and sauce, yogurt mixtures, such as avocado and almonds, or fruit mixtures.

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